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And Levi would like elbow Eren and then kiss him because that's what Levi does in my mind. This is a college AU, meaning that you’re in college and there are no such thing as titans in this story. Matthew is feeling a little strange after dating Reader-Chan for a while now, and can't help and upcoming urge Follow/Fav Canada x Reader LEMON. u. Honestly, you just thought that they were here only to tame him, like an animal. Originally posted by 666mar666. Making him tea as he goes to bed and placing his paperwork in a neat pile on his desk. Well, this is the first time I’ve done this so I hope you all enjoy :) He’s so protective over you. Hange had That Idiot - completed | Levi Ackerman x Reader |angst, fluff| 01 | 02 | Levi was right; you are an idiot. At least it was like this for the cadets and low ranked officers. A book I'll post on every now and then about you and the Lance Corporal of the Scouting Legion! I can do smuts/ lemons, I can only do fem readers, sorry guys I only take requests from Tumblr, check my profile for more information Highest Rankings: Headcanons 𝑨𝒐𝑻 ~Levi x Reader~ C. one word. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. See more Anonymous said: I'm very sorry about the request that you weren't comfortable doing! then could request one where levi had a nightmare(it was of isabel and farlan dying) it got so bad that his s/o Anonymous said: I'm very sorry about the request that you weren't comfortable doing! then could request one where levi had a nightmare(it was of isabel and farlan dying) it got so bad that his s/o A force grabbed you and heaved you back to your feet. ” Want to request? Boyfriend Headcanons - Lucifer (SFW & NSFW) Boyfriend Headcanons - Beelzebub (SFW & NSFW) Boyfriend Headcanons - Mammon, Levi, Satan, Asmo, Belphie, & Solomon (SFW/NSFW) The Brothers with a s/o that has a tongue piercing and is good at head; Barbatos x Diavolo x Lucifer x MC Poly Headcanons (SFW & NSFW) Pegging Mammon & Leviathan Levi Imagine Tumblr Levi X Reader Smut Lemons S Professor Levi X Student Characters: Punk!Levi x Reader. Levi Ackerman- “Mine” REQUEST FROM PROMPT LIST- RIGHT HERE! Short and sweet! I didn’t have much to work with sooooo I’m sorry if this is lackluster. O. So if you want fic recs, please tell me if you want ship fics, reader inserts, etc. Like making sure there are clean sheets on the bed. Levi Ackerman - Attack on Titan Kimetsu no Yaiba x Reader MASTERLIST! PLEASE GAME I JUST NEED O N E SRR CARD OF LEVI AND SATAN THEN I'LL BE DONE x Female Reader - Cuddle Headcanons! updating my masterlist as i type this guys! then here are the requests im currently working on: not going to give an exact time estimate (in fear of not meeting it and y’all freaking out on me), but they are in the works! Levi Ackerman - Attack on Titan (Imagine 533) ““Ey, What are you trying to say?” Levi questioned, raising his eyebrows at the group who were laughing. He hadn’t had the chance to be near them during the expedition, so to hear that they were hurt while he was not with them… reader insert headcanons & possibly a few fics, no set fandoms, just whatever I'm currently hooked on. 5. More Affectionate Headcanons w Levi. Author’s note: I’m back hehe. At any rate, welcome to my mess - Levi denies the obvious levi attack on titan attack on titan levi levi attack on titan attack on titan x reader levi x reader Levi Heichou levi snk levi hcs levi headcanons levi Alpha!Leviathan X Omega!Reader headcanons Request: aaaaaaa if the ask box is open, could i please get some general omegaverse headcanons for an alpha levi and an omega reader please and thank you Levi Ackerman x Reader. 1 (Levi x Reader) Stay with Me pt. Summary: Y/N accidentally sits in “Levi’s seat” after she wakes up late for class. levixreader, fanfiction, modern. Just a short one shot from me, so I can try get back in the swing of writing. Please try again later. Thank you for requesting! Originally posted by shira-san-ni Then Eren would like whisper "Happy Birthday Levi" into his ear. X=X-ray (let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words) In terms of length, Levi is around average, maybe slightly above. Please, don’t give anyone hell. + Being the girl everyone wants but no one can have. “Levi, come on, I’m going to be late for work,” you giggled. He sighed and released you Jul 11, 2017 · Anonymous asked: Levi detailed NSFW headcanons! If u can I'm deprived Thank you • Silent in the streets, freak in the sheets. I also have a job interview tomorrow so I may not be able to update/ post my story as much. He pulled you forward until your face bumped into his chest, his strong arms encircling your figure. By: LunarBiohazard. I love looking for sentence starters for angsty prompts and this is what I found~ it’s Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #armin arlert x reader with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumgir. He’s not particularly thick either but he still manages to make you see stars every time. Overview: part 2 to ‘welcome’ - Reader wants to go home to her mother and father with the fompany of a certain ‘boyfriend’. ” levi levi x reader levi ackerman levi heichou levi  10 Jul 2017 he doesn't mind kissing you infront of others either, but he prefers cheek kisses while in public. Also I’m not relying too heavily on the Levi was doing his best to keep his moans repressed, not wanting to rouse you while he was in such a needy state. It didn’t look like he was a bakugou katsuki bakugou x reader bakugou imagine katsuki bakugou x reader bakugou katsuki x reader todoroki shouto todoroki x reader shouto todoroki x reader todoroki shouto x reader Billy Hargrove billy x reader billy stranger things 2p face hetalia mha bnha my hero academia stranger things avengers snk attack on titan levi ackerman modern au NSFW Levi Headcanons. Just a little something I felt the need to jot down and share. Warnings: none. How the brothers react to an Olympian MC: Okay. - Makes you tea, even levi x reader levi ackerman x reader levi ackerman fanfiction levi ackerman headcanon levi ackerman imagine captain levi levi heichou HUMANITY'S STRONGEST corporal shorty attack on titan aot attack on titan imagine shingeki no kyojin snk snk imagines mod spookzz levi levi ackerman levi headcanons levi ackerman headcanons levi x reader levi/reader levi imagine levi ackerman imagine aot snk shingeki no kyojin attack on titan snk headcanons snk imagine aot headcanons aot imagine aotimagines shingeki no kyojin headcanon attack on titan headcanons Love One Another - Levi x Reader Oneshots Fanfiction. It hadn’t been an easy mission. He’ll probably never say it aloud, but Levi would love to have a kid or two. - like he’d flinch and get a good look THEN CLOSE THE DOOR AND FANTASIZE. Also I imagine Eren as the bottom in a Levi x Eren pairing so let's just say that gift would be very very very sweet. Jul 21, 2019 · May I request headcanons of Levi and Eren (separately) reacting to their s/o being blinded from a mission? And s/o asks them if they wanted to break up because s/o worries about being a burden on Headcanons: Levi Ackerman (Modern AU) [[MORE]]• A relationship with Levi will more than likely start off backwards. Asks you to make him tea. He thinks about it a lot with a fond smile, but he’ll shrug it off if he gets asked Lingerie shopping with Levi headcanons. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna “Levi, you’re sick, go to bed!” “I am not sick. It was so fun to write! I hope you enjoy it 😊 “Fandom: Ikemen ikemen vampire headcanons ikevam ikemen vampire female!reader female reader ikevam x relxion-kunp levi fanart obey me. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. “A/N: Do you guys understand how happy this made me? Send help pls ” + He's an interesting boyfriend  23 May 2019 His fingers stroke your cheek as he gives you a little, reassuring smile. Inosuke x shy!reader • first of all he thinks you´re the cutest being on earth • gushes About you to Zenitsu and Tanjiro • literally does not shut up About you • thinks you´re scared of him Awe thank you, sweet! :) Jean. Otherwise, I'm just going to give you simple ones. Whether it be anime, fanfic, etc. Makes you tea. Amnesia Pain (Levi X Reader) Read 11 from the story Levi Ackerman by cpntny (Lily) with 108 reads. Whereas Eren would be the complete opposite, he’d almost cry at the thought of so many people being happy that he was born. The Request | Levi X Reader Not going to lie, I went really overboard with this, but this was a continuation/story adaptation for the HCs I did earlier that was requested. kakashi hatake kakashi x reader kakashi hatake x  30 Oct 2017 J Just call me Levi. I write and take requests for Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin character Levi Ackerman imagines. i'd love to see your take on this because the way you write levi is always so If I’m To Die / Levi x Reader I KNOW THIS IS SUPER BAD OMG BAHAHAHA but oh welll amirite :0 Also I’ve cut some lyrics because I would’ve been repeating myself yOu fEeL. The warmth of a smile (Amajiki x Reader) A shiver runs through you as the cold air nips at your arms, Tamaki who is walking along beside you looks at you with concerned eyes. Jared Kleinman x reader, School Dance headcanons {Part 3! The girls will be coming soon! Also I got a bit carried away with the narration again I’m sorry. Bored (Sherlock x Reader)Warnings: None Word Count: 1,016 Requested By: Anon (I’m so sorry this took so long but school has been heckin mean) Request: Dialogue 62 and 63 for Sherlock thank you 62. not the best at it. How He Would be Comforted. Warnings: Swearing. So Levi feels he has to clean it up Welcome Pt 2 | Bubba X Reader X Tex. Obviously he's not the most patient when it comes to any  29 Jan 2019 Levi Ackerman Headcanons Masterlist Dating Levi Ackerman would include Mornings with Levi Ackerman would include Cuddling with Levi  1 Apr 2019 “Don't let this shitty world bring you down, Y/N, you're one of the few good things I have left. Fandom: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (3) Character: Bubba Sawyer (Leatherface), Tex Sawyer. Tentacle Fetish Japan x Reader . And if it is ship fics, please specify which ship and be off levi ackerman levi ackerman headcanons levi x reader attack on titan aot shingeki no kyojin snk levi heichou rivaille heichou jojo's writing aot levi attack on titan headcanons captain levi aot headcanons levi snk headcanons snk levi corporal levi levi headcanons my writing levi ackerman x reader levi x fem!reader my headcanons ask thirsty hoe kaneki ken kaneki ken x reader anime anime x reader reader insert anime reader insert tokyo ghoul x reader tokyo ghoul tokyo ghoul eyepatch tokyo ghoul centipede tokyo ghoul Black Reaper tokyo ghoul Number 240 tokyo ghoul One-Eyed King tokyo ghoul hs tokyo ghoul Nameless King tokyo ghoul Miracle Human K-eater tokyo ghoul K-eater tokyo ghoul kaneki ken kaneki ken x reader anime anime x reader reader insert anime reader insert tokyo ghoul x reader tokyo ghoul tokyo ghoul eyepatch tokyo ghoul centipede tokyo ghoul Black Reaper tokyo ghoul Number 240 tokyo ghoul One-Eyed King tokyo ghoul hs tokyo ghoul Nameless King tokyo ghoul Miracle Human K-eater tokyo ghoul K-eater tokyo ghoul Paris {Attack on Titan: Levi x Reader} Requested: yeah but as far as im aware she doesnt have a tumblr/ luv u ny Warnings: smoking, cursing, alcohol, possibly a little OOC since i havent watched aot Anonymous said: Hello! May I request a matchup for Naruto and My hero academy ( if not both you can just pick whichever one)??I am a 5’2 female with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. for the first time - Eren, Armin, Jean, Levi; What type of S. Everyday was quite the same. Like really, really pissed off. Anonymous said: Miyata ichiro and volg Sfw and nsfw headcanons please, I love your blog💖💕 Answer: Thank you nonnie!!!! 1. Dating Bellamy Blake levi x reader levi ackerman attack on titan shingeki no kyojin Levi Levi Ackerman x Reader levi ackerman x reader levi levi x you Jan 30, 2018 · Feeder China x Overweight Reader - All You Can Eat. Also more dialogue than i woulda liked sorry. {Levi Ackerman x reader} - Summary: Y/n gets a letter one day that breaks her heart into pieces. ” You felt the tiniest tinge of pink rise to your cheeks, but grasped his loosely balled hand and pressed a small kiss to it. “The hell?” your eyes enlarged, indicating your confusion and utter disbelief. Dating Levi Headcanons. I need specifics. I don’t think it’s exactly what you asked for sweetie, You swung out of the way of the Titan's hand the best you could, but knew that you would not go unscathed. You, a poltergeist that was bound to Kamome Academy and Hanako-Kun’s hc with Levi with his triplet baby girls? A/N: I’m such a softie for Levi with kids 😭 𝑳𝒆𝒗𝒊 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒕𝒓𝒊𝒑𝒍𝒆𝒕 𝒈𝒊𝒓𝒍𝒔 ️ - When Levi had said he wanted to start a family with Y/N he hadn’t expected her to give I imagine Levi actually being pissed off when the other guys throw a surprise birthday party for him. We’re reaching around the halfway point in my story so for those only here for x reader I’ll be coming back soon!)) Katsuki Bakugo x Shy!Reader Headcanons Aaah, hello! My first piece of work for this fandom! I'm excited! I've never written anything for Tumblr, so bear with me. bnha fantasy au x reader lemon, melomaniac lover of music pairing: jungkook x reader genre: punk!jungkook / band au / friends-to-lovers + smut words: 13,000 summary: you're wholeheartedly, madly in love with jungkook and yet you shouldn't be because he's supposed to be your best friend and nothing more. levi ackerman x reader levi x reader levi levi  Read Dating headcanons- Jean from the story Attack on titan scenarios (x reader ) by leviackerbutt ( ) with 963 rea #levi x reader #levi headcanons #levi ackerman headcanons #snk headcanons# aot #reiner headcanons #reiner braun x reader #reiner#aot headcanons#snk  Browse through and read or take levi x reader oneshot stories, quizzes, and other imagines, drabbles, and headcanons based around a multitude of fandoms. We’re all about love and consensual sex on this blog, my bbys. Levi Ackerman  Lingerie shopping with Levi headcanons. Originally posted by vhs-ninja. 2p America x Reader - Panic attack NSFW. Viking Trio x Overweight Reader - Breeding. Feeder 2p Canada x Reader - Homemade Headcanons: Levi Ackerman x Tsundere Female S/O • If and when Levi starts to find himself developing stronger feelings for someone, he will more than likely brush it off, ignore them, and be in denial Headcanons for: Reiner Braun . Jean x Blind!Reader“Okay that's enough training for Levi dating a nurse from the medical core Master list Meeting when he is reluctantly dragged to the medical until by Erwin with suspected broken ribs He has broken his ribs, six in fact You were Levi Ackerman Levi froze when he learned that his s/o was currently in the infirmary. It’s all very clean and tidy, a dark head and a slight curve to the left above half way down. Image shared by ivoah. Ichirou Miyata I’ve answered a similar ask w/ sfw and nsfw Miyata headcanons Bakugou headcanons~ So one has recently been made canon and I’m so happy because I actually looked into this one so my observations paid off! Bakugou got his quirk from his dad. Levi’s sigh of relief as his head hits the pillow, his mumbling of “You were right, I’m sick” as his eyes close. See more Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #jean kirstein x reader with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumgir Kissing headcanons A/N levi x y/n levi x you levi ackerman x reader yandere levi ackerman levi x reader yandere levi levi heichou levi ackerman aot imagines yandere aot aot aot x reader yandere attack on titan attack on titan imagines attack on titan yandere headcanons yandere x reader yandere imagines yandere free! headcanons natsuya kirishima x reader makoto tachibana x reader seijuro mikoshiba x reader sousuke yamazaki x reader asahi shiina x reader free! iwatobi swim club natsuya kirishima makoto tachibana seijuro mikoshiba yamazaki sousuke asahi shiina anon ask box is closed for requests ☁ Alice in the Country of Hearts, Joker, Clover, etc. i'd love to request headcanons or a discussion of levi as a new father to a baby boy and as the reader's husband. He always thought if he ever found someone he liked it would be someone as neat and clean as him. Thank you for requesting Despite the dim lighting in the dining room, Levi could see you clear The Reason Why {Levi x Reader} Requested by @ti0261 —– “I’d rather die” Levi closed his eyes at the horrible sensation of today’s heat that made him want to rip his skin off. Pairing: Levi Ackerman x Reader. It was all you needed to know. It didn’t go as planned. Sleep. I will NOT do ship headcanons from the show. This boy is honestly scared himself, but the moment he sees his S/o panicked, he gets it together quick ; He’ll gently take his s/o by the hands, and soothingly rub circles into the backs of their hands as he lowers himself to their eye level (if his s/o is shorter than him) Paperwork {Levi Ackerman x Reader} Request: prompt #37 “because I love you goddammit” with Levi by anon. You’re checking up on him because he didn’t come to dinner. eren jaeger x reader levi ackerman x reader armin arlert x reader AOT headcanons aot aot armin aot levi aot eren x reader snk x reader older!armin arlert x female Eren/Survey Corps!Reader Headcanons. Read Jean x Blind!Reader-prt 1 from the story Attack on Titan x Reader by AssassinAngel978 with 6,216 reads. It was when you caught Levi Looking at you Can I ask nsfw headcanons for Armin, Levi and Eren where they end up being rough with their s/o? NSFW UNDER THE CUT Armin: - Armin would have to be really frustrated to get rough with you. I will do smut and fluff! 6. Sirius x Reader soulmate au? + soulmate au where you have a couple strands (like a stripe) of hair that is the same color as your soulmates hair+ but those strands of hair also manage to have a kind Characters: Levi x Reader. ---UNDERTALE----- Characters/Pairings: Levi x reader, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean. You braced for reproachment at such weakness but were too broken to care, lost at sea, yet Levi didn’t say a word. Ahhh, I’m resisting the urge to say “so polite”, but yes. ” Even though he’s feverish and as white as a ghost. ” levi x reader LEVI ACKERMAN levi  5 Mar 2018 He's not confident enough as a husband. ((Hey everyone! I’ll be participating in this for x reader so that’s some good news. attack on titan scenarios attack on titan headcanon attack on titan aot levi ackerman x reader levi levi ackerman headcanons levi aot levi x Sugar Daddy Mori Headcanons ~Request~ Originally posted by aldi404. Dating Bellamy Blake bellamy x reader bellamy blake x reader the 100 series the 100 oneshot the 100 masterlist How about Levi reacting to his s/o 『Requested』 Hanako x Poltergeist! Reader• Hanako-San of the bathroom, the 7th apparition of Kamome Academy and your boyfriend. Kind of “romantic” but platonic. Dark clouds loomed overhead, signalling the approaching rain and possible thunder that was lurking within. Training. Finding it more appealing to watch you twitch because of the erotic images transpiring within your mind, Levi bit his tongue and drove his head deeper into the pillow. You can request poly relationship headcanons! For example: LevixReaderxEren. Shingeki No Kojin/Attack On Titan Masterlist 104th Cadets Eren Yeager x Reader Mikasa Ackerman x Reader Marco Bott x Reader Veterans Levi Ackerman x Reader Erwin Smith x Reader Mike Zacharias x [Levi x Reader] Lesson 1 : Never steal from Levi You were walking stealthily along the halls of the castle, where the Special Operation Squad were currently staying at to keep Eren "safe". Medical Kink Prussia x Reader NSFW. that was meant for the fire emblem x reader blog Headcanons ; Protective!AOT request: Headcannons for a protective Levi, Eren, Jean, and Reiner??? Like if a person that their girlfriend doesn’t like keeps bugging them? Requested by - Anonymous Request - “A clingy levi x reader one shot please”(A/N): Levi is OOC but do I care? No. Truth or Dare | fluff, humor | The Survey Corps Veterans, bottles of wine and a game of truth or dare. ANGST You’ve found my weakness. Levi held you upright firmly, stoic-faced, yet determined. Originally posted by dirtylevi. Daddy Kink 2p America x Reader - Daddy’s Girl. The choice. Multiple: Sharing beds with their S. Warnings: none • Levi’s not as stoic towards you as you would expect. Genre: Angst, fluff. otoge imagines/scenarios hell(p) :') askbox is CLOSED for requests! mmm yes here it is my children, the Obey Me!Shall We Date?, The Arcana and Ikemen Vampire imagines/scenario blog HAHAH HELP Long Time No See Levi X Reader Modern Au Chapter 1 How Attack On Titan Levi X M Goddess of War (Mitsuhide x reader) Requested by the sweetest @tsubaki3192 ♥ Thank you so much for requesting this. Find images and videos about boy, anime and manga on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Complains about your cleaning, then offers to help you. reader insert headcanons & possibly a few fics, no set fandoms, just whatever I'm currently hooked on. His spouse scoffed and elbowed him in the side. worst part of it all is that you know he's in love with you too. MODERN AUYou laughed as Levi pulled you close to you fifth hug within the last hour. Levi x Reader - One shot with fluff and a little implied smut. I’ve always been here– just with a horrible writer’s block, and an even more horrid situation with my life that gives me very, very little downtime and breathing space. A) My apologies if Levi is OOC, I’m still trying to get the hang of writing him! and B) I couldn’t help but laugh the entire time that I was writing this because all that I could imagine was Levi hugging Reader as Voldemort does when he greets Draco in Deathly Hallows Part Two. No need to cry anymore. Same goes for headcanons. #mod spookzz #levi #levi ackerman #levi headcanons #levi ackerman headcanons #levi imagine #levi ackerman imagine #levi/reader #levi x reader #aot #snk #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #AOT headcanons #snk headcanons #attack on titan headcanons #shingeki no kyojin headcanons #aotimagines Masterlist Headcanons: Squad Levi • General domestic headcanons Levi • Levi as a father • Levi and fem!reader at the birth of their child • Romantic Levi headcanons • Domestic headcanons for Levi x May 04, 2019 · This feature is not available right now. NSFW UNDER THE CUT - When you’ve been a real bad girl, Levi won’t hesitate to grab you by your hair and make you do what he wants you to do - Enjoys light bondage and will tie you to the bed and tease you until you’re begging him to touch you - Lots and lots of dirty talk Levi Ackerman relationship headcanons #1. I will only write headcanons about the character(s)/how they would react and interact with their s/o (the reader). That GIF is so perfect for this for some reason. I do not. But she's Vampire!Levi HeadcanonsI’ve decided to do some headcanons to try and get rid of my writers block, it’s really annoying and I’ve decided on doing headcanons and small drabbels for now to get back into Mirror, Mirror (Levi x Reader) Originally posted by noisylovepatrol. 3. Levi Ackerman Imagines. Oneshots (Newest to Oldest by Character) Erwin Smith . ☁ Attack on Titan Armin An at Home First Date Headcanons Armin with S/O’s Friends/Movie Night Watching a Movie with his S/O Levi NSFW Headcanons Follow/Fav Canada x Reader LEMON. Originally posted by tamayasipha “Hey, if you two get lost it’s your fault. i can't get enough. It cracks me up. I don’t think he’s even that interested in sex unless he has a partner, he’s too focused in his job and he’s too indifferent to Headcanons Just some random headcanons for Levi that I have, feel free to base any asks off them or send me headcanons, I might even add them! ♛ Levi’s hobbies are collecting tea, knitting and reading, though he usually doesn’t have time for any of those. I just… I just can’t. Read Dating headcanons from the story Levi x reader oneshots by leviackerbutt (🐡🐡🐡) with 6,743 reads. The wind intensified, growing more irksome and persistent as it blew over the open plain. He’s. Flower Crowns - Levi x Optimist!Reader (Part!2) Okayyy so I got a lot of requests to continue this story, and here it is! I might continue it on if you really want, I had a lot of fun writing the Can I request an Erwin x female reader where the reader accompanies Erwin (as his assistant) to the capital, and after all the business stuff they had some time to kill so Erwin offers to show the reader around (like a little date but not really) and at the end of the day Erwin admits that he needed that and maybe let’s his guard down (romantically?) Anonymous said: Can I request some lazy day headcanons with levi, I know levi is not lazy in the morning but he felt like he wants to just stay in bed with his girl. Levi x reader. 2 Headcanons. How to Tell If Levi Likes You - Headcanons. Good time reading - Lara Outside the expeditions, the daily life of the Survey Corps was a routine. You knock on his office door. He’s not very good at showing affection properly, since he’s never known it himself before you came along. You love him. Originally posted by sookashira • You both met on the first day of training, after he eyed you up while Shadis was trying to intimidate you. t. He’s more vocal and talkative during intimate sessions, at least compared to usual. Characters: Punk!Levi x Reader. This was suggested/requested by i just discovered this page and i've already binged through of all the posts. I imagine Levi actually being pissed off when the other guys throw a surprise birthday party for him. He really loves to rest his head on his partner’s lap while they watch some television show that he barely pays attention to. i. In fact, he asks his lover if they're really happy with him. eren jaeger x reader eren left is closer to my actual skintone i guess but not rlly lmao PLZ MARRY ME HAKURYUU or levi or Headcanons. It won’t be butterflies and rainbows like you’d expect from the beginning of most levi x reader levi levi ackerman levi request levi headcanons my writing snk headcanons shingeki no kyojin levi ackerman scenario levi ackerman x reader levi angst levi fluff Im not gonna tag the last one cause I dont want it to get flagged thanks for sending! im enjoying this so much Dating Headcanons w/ Levi Ackerman First post♡ Requests are open so send them in. If you guys in general request relationship headcanons, that comes with the crush stage, the confession, the dating, the parents, the fights, all that. And he does it well, in his own special way. #obey me headcanons #obey me! headcanons #obey me levi #obey me leviathan #obey me belphie #obey me belphegor #obey me x reader #obey me! x reader #swd obey me! #obey me! one master to rule them all #obey me shall we date A new hope for humanity (Levi x reader) (Levi Y Tu) Stay Alive -( SNK Levi X oc ) Réécriture et pause - Chapitre 2 Shingeki no Kyojin My vacation is coming to an end , I'm sad Probably will be a little bit inactive guys, love ya💘 —Tags— She’s not cold hearted, she’s just tired. I do write NSFW. I need to know what type of headcanons you're wanting to see from me. Or so he Jared Kleinman x reader, School Dance headcanons {Part 3! The girls will be coming soon! Also I got a bit carried away with the narration again I’m sorry. 2,222 notes Leonardo da Vinci x reader this is such an interesting request omg! i hope i managed to meet your expectations ^_^ i had fun with this hehe. The return from Shiganshina after plugging wall Maria was a sullen one. “…I  23 Jun 2017 Dating Levi Ackerman headcanons. Original Attack On Titan Wallpaper Levi Iphone Quotes Levi Ackerman Wallpapers If Levi were real in our world, what would he be like? How would he and his S/O meet? On a scale of 1 to 100 how daddy would he be? I really love the idea of him being like a tattoo artist, a job + Levi being more comfortable around you than his is with others. e-He doesn't know how to properly make you feel happy, so he just gives you a few grins when you pass gazes, not A Role to Take - Erwin Smith X Reader; Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Thank Goodness for Crazy - Erwin Smith X Reader X Levi Ackerman; Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Headcanons. + During training he pushes you much harder than the other cadets. + Guys flirting with you but they soon realize it was a mistake when they feel Levi’s eyes burning into their skull. Warning: Angst, violence, blood, death. Disclaimer: This may seem a little short according to my standards because you asked for character having a crush headcanons, and there’s only so much you can do with that. Incubus Denmark x Reader. Or simply to aizawa defending his adopted daughter from harassment of soft-levi -girl-blog liked this Akutagawa, and Chuuya Wedding Headcanons ~Request~ bungo stray dogs bungou stray dogs bungou stray dogs x reader bungou stray Levi x M. It was Hey! Can you do some headcanons of Levi in a modern AU where he's been married to Reader for a few years now and he has some serious baby fever? A/N: you guys are killing me with these baby requests, Hello hello! May I request oral headcanons for Levi, Giyuu, Iguro and Sanemi please? Thank you! ^^ Hello, bby! Of course you may. • He always makes time for you, and requests Anonymous asked: Daddy!kink Levi headcanons. Levi: Levi isn’t big on PDA and probably wouldn’t appreciate a significant other that was, but when behind closed doors it’s a whole different ballgame. Summary: A scenario based on the song “You Are My Sunshine” Warnings: Swearing (what else would you expect from Levi?), some depressive thoughts, injured!reader. Make sure you were both +levi imagine +levi imagines +levi x reader. you're writing style is so easy to digest and addictive. He probably wouldn’t go out of his way to outright tell you, at least, not at first. Sure, he’s quite the cusser as it is already, but still reserved as we all know. But he tries. Matthew is feeling a little strange after dating Reader-Chan for a while now, and can't help and upcoming urge Levi X Reader X Erwin I make gifs•gfx•edits and write meta, analysis, and headcanons for interest or Pryzm Levi Ackerman. ” Levi hung back with his wife as his brats ran ahead of the pair. As long as they involve the reader. Milestones: Levi Asking him out It took all of your Courage to ask him out. Can I Have This Dance? (Junior High!Levi x Junior High!Reader) As requested by @natsumitomoko, here’s an Attack on Titan Junior High one shot. Notes - Hey guys! This is my first fic so I hope you all like it! I had so much fun writing this with help of my cutest friend @foolsettherulesinthisworld (check out her page it’s amazing). Oct 30, 2017 · - Dating Levi Ackerman Headcanons (Fem!) - Three Syllables [Levi Ackerman x Reader] She's never heard the words 'I love you' in Levi Ackerman's voice. He’ll give himself away with the little things he’ll do. What could possibly go wrong? Steaks and Tomatoes | fluff | Levi nsfw headcanons? For me, Levi has had little experience in sex. The Gang x Reader Winter Headcanons sorry it’s been 10 years since i’ve posted my only excuse is that sometimes you don’t know why it be like it is but it do this isn’t proofread because i wanted to Anonymous said: Hi, I could ask headcanons for aizawa, Todoroki and Bakugou, defending the reader from Mineta's harassment. Kissing headcanons A/N In any case, this is an exclusively ‘x reader’ (Female or male) blog where I will write headcanons, imagines, and oneshots at the request of my followers and anyone interested in my work! Like any other blog, I do have rules: No NSFW requests; If the request is either too heavy or makes me uncomfortable, I won’t accept it *Chanyeol (EXO) late night headcanons *Dense!Ushijima + Pick up lines *Soulmate AU!Levi (angst) *Yamaguchi x Reader bath (NSFW) *Bokuto x Reader rainy days *Ciel + Alois SFW&NSFW headcanons *Midorima + Murasakibara react to your pet snake *Rami Character Challenge (ALL) *Aomine + Kagami first kiss with shy!reader Hello, dahlin!! I’ve been lurking. Chores. uwu daddy kink levi. Originally posted by beautiful-face-gif. He first tried to make his s/o be cleaner by telling them to do so, but after a while, he realised they were just like that and started doing some stuff for them. the headache was lowkey forgotten in favour for soft dialogue lmao, also this is exactly 1000 words!!!! The headache hadn’t started off as a headache, it was a slight haze in your mind that you were able to easily ignore, continuing on with your tasks as normal, but as the day progressed it seemed to worsen and worsen until later that afternoon when you and Asmodeus were in your room a You swung out of the way of the Titan's hand the best you could, but knew that you would not go unscathed. Levi believed that you looked beautiful as you slept. Anonymous said: Can I have a Levi x reader angst/fluff/smut headcanon? Have a nice day! Anonymous. Collar kink 2p Canada x Reader. . Pairing: Reiner Braun x Fem!Reader . At any rate, welcome to my mess - Levi denies the obvious Oct 05, 2017 · Is Suffering Stronger than Love? [ Erwin x Reader x Mike ] Erwin x Reader x Mike PART 1 You met them both in your hometown, the Survey Corps were doing diplomatic duties of the militia and Erwin and Read Reîncarnare - Jean x Reader [Reincarnation!Au] from the story Attack on Titan x Reader by adelineTM (Levi assasin of assassins lake (book name will not be anounce until 3 months before release) Dont mind me ill continue my screaming >>> thug Jean Społeczność Steam: Counter-Strike. Todoroki x reader where s/o is shy and small and female. Originally posted by tatakaeeren. Reader x Levi only, as I know that I would not do any ships justice. It was seen in the few panels that we got of his he was sweating in most of them so I just put 2 and 2 together. I’ll give y’all an update on where I’ve been -Levi has never had any genuine love and affection shown to him since his mom was still alive -so when the two of you start dating, he doesn’t really know how to react to you loving on him Aftercare With Levi. Levi, and Erwin NSFW headcanons please? Levi's s/o comes back from a dangerous mission after five weeks. You loved all the attention you got from him, but he was seriously going to make you late. It didn’t matter that he doesn’t feel the same way or that he ignores your gestures to show him how much you care. Summary: He doesn’t think he’s good looking so you prove him wrong. I hadn’t thought why there were seats left around him when the carriage was so full. He would want to clean up before anything else. Nsfw headcanons for Tomioka, Obani and Sabito? The second anon honestly made me laugh. soul, kid, and black star walking on their s/o changing death the kid: - dude wouldn’t even react AT FIRST. “I'm here. UwU I hope you Joyride. So many soldiers had lost their lives, and it was all Levi’s fault. - his face would First Impressions (Levi x Reader) Originally posted by ikechai. • You ended up biting Shadis’ head off and he side swept your feet out from under you, knocking you on your ass. You’re so I am Yours, and You are Mine (Levi x Reader) All I Ask of You (Levi x Shy!Reader) Impurity (Levi x Prostitute!Reader) At Last (Levi x Reader) Stay with Me pt. Angst. Levi Comfort with S/O Headcanons. You wouldn´t have done it normally but you thought you actually stood a Chance. would fit them best - Eren, Armin, Jean Levi may or may not have an obsession with thighs. If he even catches one of the other cadets talking down to you, they’re in major trouble. reader I knew it was coming as soon as I sat next to that guy on the train. 4. i currently don’t accept matchup requests for the attack on titan blog. Summary: The first “I love you”. Levi hasn’t always had a huge sex drive–there was a time when it was a very unimportant aspect of life to him, but after finding the right s/o, his eyes are definitely forced open. levi x reader headcanons

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